Making Technology Work For You

Linux Chic Tech

We offer website design services, technical assistance, computer updating & repair, data backup & recovery, small network assistance and personalized courses to teach you what you want to know, including courses for kids who what to learn to code!

features you love

Reliable. Affordable.

Nothing fancy. Nothing unnecessary. Just done right.

SEO Optimization

Uncomplicated, easy to understand SEO Optimization with Yoast. Get your website listed and indexed.

Education Training

Customized classes for all ages, from kids wanting to learn about computers, coding & the internet, to mature folks just wanting to expand their understanding of our technical world.

Web Development

Simple site development. Specializing in WordPress, blogs and informational sites to give you a simple web presence. E-commerce sites available for those that want to sell online!

Domain Hosting

Domain purchasing, DNS management, branded email and hosting available.

Data Backup & Recovery

Hard drive failing? Already failed? I can help you retrieve any data that is still remaining, then set you up with a backup option that will stop a future crisis in its tracks.

process you want

Effective. Understanding.

If you have a computer problem or just need to learn more about your tools, we can help.  Lost data, failing components? Let me know and we will find a solution for you.

We understand that sometimes it doesn’t need to be complicated.  It just needs to be done.  We can work with your advertising and/or marketing consultants to put your business on the web.  If you have something to sell, let’s get it sold!

We will work to make your web presence what you want it to be in a reasonable time frame and for a reasonable cost.  It’s the internet, not nuclear fission. 

from people you like

Cooperative. Detail Oriented.

Your web presence is the world’s window into you and your business.  It’s all about YOU.  We will work with you and your team to ensure your website reflects your business and your goals.

We will do our best to help you communicate those goals and solve your technical problems.

My engineering career has taught me that the details matter.  And not just to you.  Your clients and visitors will want to know that the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted.  Your web presence will reflect that. 

Let's get those problems solved!